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Math Teacher Extraordinaire: Bev Moyer Loves Seeing 'A-Ha' Moment

Math Teacher Extraordinaire: Bev Moyer Loves Seeing 'A-Ha' Moment

During her job interview with Perkins Schools in the summer of 1993, Bev Moyer told administrators that she wanted to retire as a Perkins Schools teacher. 

Thirty years later, “here I am,” she says proudly.

Ms. Moyer is one of five veteran teachers at Perkins Local Schools who will retire at the end of the 2022-2023 school year. 

In her 30-year tenure, Ms. Moyer has taught nearly all mathematics classes offered to students at PHS: Prime Time Math, Algebra I and II, Honors Integrated Math, Integrated Math 3 and 4, Trigonometry, Statistics, University of Findlay Statistics (Math 123), Applied Geometry, and Math Proficiency Skills class for Juniors and Seniors. In her tenure, she learned that she had a knack for connecting with kids and helping them understand sometimes hard-to-explain math concepts.

“I’m blessed that I can explain it and the kids get it – and ‘it’ is not a horrible thing,” Ms. Moyer said. “I love seeing the a-ha moment.”

The PHS teacher will retire from PHS this year.

Ms. Moyer, a Margaretta Township native, did not start her teaching career at Perkins Schools. After graduating from Bowling Green State University, her first teaching job was at Lorain County Joint Vocational School from 1989 to 1993. She has many fond memories of her time at Perkins – going to track meets, watching Aquatones shows and school plays, and, of course, just being with kids in her classroom each day.

“I love the kids and I love watching them grow up and mature,” she says. “I had some kids for three years. You really get to know kids in that time.”

As is Perkins High School tradition, teachers and staff with graduating seniors can hand their sons and daughters their diploma during commencement. Her son, Kyle, graduated from PHS in 2017.

“I love that Perkins allows teachers to give their children their diplomas,” Ms. Moyer says. “Of course, I gave Kyle his diploma.”

Ms Moyer can also rattle off the names of a half-dozen of her colleagues whom she helped get through their masters level statistics classes.

Among those colleagues is accounting and economics teacher Carolyn Stiles, who recalled how Ms. Moyer came to her house and tutored her. That, Mrs. Stiles said, is how devoted to teaching she is.

“Kids tell me that they really appreciate how hands-on she is,” Mrs. Stiles said. “Walk by her classroom at lunch or during study hall, and you will see kids surrounding her desk, and she is helping them. That’s every day.”

After she retires, Pirates can expect to see Ms. Moyer return in some capacity. 

“I want to take some time off, but I have committed to going on the French trip in 2024,” Ms. Moyer says. “I wanted to retire while I’m young enough to do things.”