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2023 Homecoming Court Crowned

2023 Homecoming Court Crowned

Perkins High School seniors Makenna Garza and Quinten Villarreal will preside as queen and king over the district’s 2023 Homecoming festivities.

Makenna, the daughter Nicholas and Nicole Clemons, and Quinten, the son of Aida Cambra and Kristi Howard, were crowned during a coronation ceremony at PHS on Thursday afternoon. 

Seniors Emma Sturzinger, the daughter of Ted and Lindsey Sturzinger, and Noah Normington-Slay, the son of Jeremy and Abigail Normington-Slay, are 1st runners-up. Aubrey Yost, the daughter of Dan Yost and Trisha Hamm, and Aaron Robinson, the son of Randy and Karen Robinson, are 2nd runners-up.

The EHOVE attendants are Leanna Marianek, daughter of Christian Marianeck and Sharre Morrey, and Carson Speer, the son of Jennifer Holt.

Junior attendants are Marianna Bollini, the daughter of Tony and Liz Bollini, and Timothy Boals, the son of Timothy and Stacy Boals. Sophomore attendants are Joy Factor, the daughter of Patrick and Jonalyn Johns, and Jermane Kennedy Jr., the son of Jermane Kennedy. Freshman attendants are Makenna Marianek, the daughter of Christian Marianek and Sharre Morrey, and Landon Heiland-Flores, the son of Heather and Raymond Flores.