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PHS Academy Experience

Student Stories

Personalized learning for research and activities outside traditional classes

What is the PHS Academy Experience?

To better meet the individual needs of our students, Perkins High School is offering students the opportunity to accept personal responsibility for their learning in a selected curricular area and earn high school credit. Students may participate in relevant school-organized learning activities, or they may develop their own research, activities, objectives, and structures to personalize their learning outside traditional classes.

Students spend time with local professionals and businesses, shadowing employees and experts to get a first-hand look at a career they are considering. Mentors are expected to share insights of their day-to-day work experience, with the expectation that students will have a better sense of their career goals as they graduate from Perkins High School. 

Academy Experience encourages all students to connect, extend and enrich their skills and knowledge beyond the courses they have completed as part of a specific curriculum pathway within one of the four PHS Academies.

PHS Academies

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
  • Business, English, Humanities, and Leadership (BEHL)
  • Fine Arts and Music (FAM)
  • Career Exploration and Continuing Education (CECE)

Benefits For Employers & Businesses

  • Provides a cost-effective pre-professional to assist with tasks
  • Offers new perspectives to solve existing problems
  • Frees other employees to work on more pressing or demanding projects
  • Enhances the image of your firm, business, or company in the local community
  • Utilizes student skills to enhance technology, marketing, or advertising
  • Prepares the next generation to successfully contribute to their local community

  • Establishes a partnership with your local schools

Commitments Of Businesses

  • At least one person to arrange and oversee learning opportunities for the student
  • Orientation with the student to cover workplace dress code, code of conduct, etc.
  • Weekly meetings to provide students with a learning agenda and tasks
  • Monthly progress meetings of an hour or less with a PHS representative
  • Completion of student performance evaluations at the end of the Academy Experience
  • Attend the student's final 15 minute presentation at the end of the Academy Experience (usually in May)

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