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PHS Transcript Request Form
Need transcripts sent to a college or somewhere else? Follow the above link then make a copy of the form. Once complete, share it with your counselor or print it and drop it off at the counselors' office.

College and / or Scholarship Recommendation Letter Request Form
Need a recommendation letter for a college or scholarship for which you are applying? Follow the above link then make a copy of the form. Once complete, print it and deliver it to the person you are asking to write your recommendation letter, along with a stamped addressed envelope as needed.

Diploma of Distinction Guidelines Form
Planning on completing 100 hours of community service to earn a PHS Diploma of Distinction? Review the above guidelines line and complete the documentation form to track and submit your hours. 

Graduation Requirements
Looking for a condensed list of requirements that you must meet to graduate from PHS? Please note that these requirements subject to change as new Ohio testing is implemented.

Honors Diploma Criteria & Checklist
Think you have met the criteria to earn an Honors Diploma? Complete the checklist and submit it to guidance to ensure that you earn the honors recognition you have earned while at PHS. 

Senior Activity Report
Does your guidance counselor know all important information about you as you apply for college, scholarships or other opportunities? Fill out the senior activity report and submit it to your counselor.