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College Credit Plus

Any student in grades 7-12 can apply for College Credit Plus admission to a public or participating private college.  The college will admit the student based on college-readiness in one or more subject areas.  The school counselors can help with understanding the options, deadlines and how the process works.

View College Credit Plus Presentation, February 2022

College credit plus allows high school students to earn college credit and apply that credit toward their high school graduation requirements.  Successful completion of a three or more credit-hour college course will result in 1.0 Carnegie unit earned at the high school. 

High school graduation requirements will not be waived as a result of the participation in College Credit Plus.  You will not receive a diploma until after the course is successfully completed and the graduation requirement is met.

The Perkins Board of Education allows courses approved by the University of Findlay for both high school and college credit to be offered on-site at Perkins High School and taught by Perkins High School faculty.  Dual credit programs allow students to remain in the building and still received college credit which may be later transferred to post-secondary institutions.  These classes are scheduled into the regular school day.

University of Findlay Courses offered at Perkins High School are:

  • MF360  - Statistics 123
  • SCF250 - Physics 250 and Physics 250 Lab
  • SCF450 - Biology 201 and Biology 201 Lab (Human Anatomy)
  • SCF640 - Chemistry 111.01 and Chemistry Lab 111.01
  • SSF560 - International Relations
  • SSF250 - History of the United States Since 1865
  • SSF320 - Introduction to 100 Political Science
  • SSF330 - American Government
  • SSF570 - Sociology 105
  • ENF104 - English 104

For more information on College Credit Plus visit the Ohio Department of Education website.