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PHS Student Sees Continued Growth Through a Self-Guided Academy Experience

PHS Student Sees Continued Growth Through a Self-Guided Academy Experience

When senior Wyatt Gilbert embarked on his second year of an Academy Experience at Perkins High School, he was able to deepen his personalized study focused on visual media and photography. Whereas most students in the program have arranged field sites, the nature of Wyatt’s experience is not typical – it’s more self-guided.

Building from the groundwork he laid during the 2022-2023 school year, Wyatt secured a summer internship with the Cleveland Guardians.

"Getting to photograph professional games was a truly incredible experience and I can’t thank this program enough, because without it, I would not be where I am today," he recalled.

The internship provided eye-opening lessons for Wyatt.

"It profoundly increased my knowledge in the sports photography industry," he said. "I learned how the media teams operate and how photos get to social media so fast."

Wyatt has been putting his skills in sports photography and videography to use to produce promotional content for teams at his high school.

His images are regularly featured in the social media and web postings of Perkins Schools, as well as being published by the Sandusky Register.

Across his field experience, Wyatt has also learned the importance of on-the-spot problem-solving and persistence.

"During my summer internship, it was so hot that my camera overheated, it wasn’t a huge deal because I have a backup camera and I used that one until my main camera cooled." 

One aspect of his experience this school year has been the creation of a magazine, which will feature art from students from all grade levels across Perkins Schools. Wyatt captured images of student artwork during his visits to all four schools. He is designing a cover for the magazine, as well as all the content. The magazine is expected to be released for purchase in May.

For students considering an Academy Experience, Wyatt offered this advice: "Research whatever field you’re going into and obtain as much knowledge, information, and vocabulary as possible. Also, be confident, don’t be afraid to ask questions and network."  

The Academy Experience allows students like Wyatt to direct their learning. By fueling passion projects with real-world application, the program unlocks invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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