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PHS Student Gets Inside Look At Insurance Business

PHS Student Gets Inside Look At Insurance Business

Perkins High School senior Adam West spent time at the Sandusky branch of Assured Partners, an insurance firm, to learn and understand how an insurance brokerage works and support the day-to-day operations in the office.

"I shadowed in a small office environment at Assured Partners Sandusky branch to get a feel for insurance servicing," Adam said. "My main task was to do little things around the office to make my co-worker's jobs easier."

While initially thinking there would be a heavy workload, Adam soon realized the crucial yet relaxed nature of the role. "I initially thought there would be a lot on my plate, but getting into the job made me realize my position was crucial, but still laid back," Adam explained.

The experience provided eye-opening lessons about modern offices.

"My Academy Experience gave me a new understanding of office work. Especially a new look at the modern office environment which brings workers together to get an understanding of what everyone brings to the table and how we can improve ourselves personally," Adam commented. 

Interacting with professionals like mentors Brett Adams and Dave Voight expanded Adam's perspective. "My mentors showed me that Insurance isn't just selling, it is also servicing promotions and renewals. The person who sells your insurance isn't always the person who adjusts it," Adam noted.

Another of the mentors who worked with Adam during the experience was Mackenzie Carr. She shared that the Academy Experience program is a win-win for mentors and students.  

“Adam is a great addition to our office, with his charismatic and positive attitude. He brings both a refreshing young outlook on the day-to-day while also putting in the effort on any project.”

Bridging classroom learning with real-world experience created "aha" moments. "I was taught that insurance doesn’t just cover your property, it also covers the everyday mistakes and misdeeds other people commit," Adam realized. 

The visit inspired academic growth and future career goals. "I took a class on the job for this experience to get a feel for common vernacular. I feel that this experience in insurance has opened my horizons on the types of jobs I can work," Adam shared.

In advice to other students preparing for field visits, the senior recommended pursuing opportunities related to potential career interests. "I would suggest to future students to go for something they have actually thought of pursuing. This experience for me was more out of the blue than something I planned, but I am thankful for it because I met the people who keep business safe, and out of high water," Adam reflected.

Through hands-on learning outside the classroom, this Academy Experience allowed Adam to gain an invaluable perspective on the insurance industry while helping him determine his career path. The insights about insurance and the importance of making connections between people are life lesions that will stay with Adam for years to come.

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