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PHS Juniors Explore Medical Careers At NOMS

PHS Juniors Explore Medical Careers At NOMS

For PHS juniors, Hailey Kubitz and Carly Grathwol, the Academy Experience Program provided a unique opportunity to explore potential career paths in the medical field.

Through their rotations at NOMS Healthcare, they had the chance to shadow various medical professionals, gaining valuable insights and hands-on experiences that would shape their future aspirations.

Hailey's goal for the experience was clear.

"I chose to shadow the medical field at NOMS and rotate around lots of different positions," she said. "My goal for this was to narrow down certain specialties that I did/did not enjoy or could/couldn't see myself doing."

Similarly, Carly said, "The main focus of my shadowing is to narrow down what I plan on doing in the future in medical school. I really want to be a doctor, so I would like to narrow down what I want to do in the future."

As they embarked on their journey, both students found themselves learning more than they had anticipated.

"I honestly didn't expect myself to learn as much as I really did. I have learned so much over the past semester," Carly said. "The actual experiences are something that I will never forget."

Hailey, too, was surprised by the depth of knowledge and expertise required in the medical field.

"It sounds crazy, but doctors are way smarter than I expected. There are so many different procedures you can do for specific injuries, and it is hard to decide which one is fitting for that specific person," she shared.

Throughout their field visits, Hailey and Carly encountered moments that left a lasting impact on them. For Hailey, it was witnessing the profound effect that medical professionals can have on their patients' lives. Carly was awestruck by the medical procedures.  

The field visits not only provided Hailey and Carly with valuable insights into the medical field but also helped them identify potential career paths that align with their interests and goals.

"Almost every time I went to a new office, everyone told me to look into being a PA (physician assistant),” Hailey shared. Based upon her observations during my Academy Experience, she is confident that this career path will be a good fit for her.

Throughout their journey, Hailey and Carly found support and guidance from experienced professionals.

"I would say that Dr. Eugene Kubitz or Gina Risaliti from internal medicine have influenced me the most. I have shadowed them the most, but they also have given me the most information about the medical field," Hailey said. "They informed me about schooling for different jobs, how different jobs can suit different people and why, and they just explained what was happening in ways that I could understand, better than other physicians I shadowed did."

The role of mentors like Dr. Kubitz cannot be overstated in the success of the Academy Experience Program. By arranging site visits and providing guidance to students like Hailey and Carly, mentors help bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application.

Their expertise, patience, and willingness to share their knowledge and experiences are invaluable to students as they explore potential career paths and make informed decisions about their future. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Kubitz for his dedication and commitment to mentoring the next generation of medical professionals.

As they reflect on their experiences, both Hailey and Carly offer valuable advice to future participants.

"It is super important to focus on the fact that this is an opportunity not many people can say they got to experience. It helps you to make sure you go to school for something that is actually fitting for you," Hailey emphasized.

Carly added, "I would encourage other students to step out of their comfort zone because you never know what you might like. I would also say that even if you think you don't like your experience, don't give up on it right away because it might be better than you expect."

Through the Academy Experience Program, students like Hailey and Carly have the chance to explore potential career paths, gain practical insights, and learn from industry professionals. These experiences not only help them make informed decisions about their future academic and professional trajectories but also inspire them to pursue their passions and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

As they discovered, the world of medicine is a fascinating and rewarding field that offers endless opportunities for growth, learning, and making a difference.

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