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PHS Junior Gains Insights About Physical Therapy Via Academy Experience

PHS Junior Gains Insights About Physical Therapy Via Academy Experience

Gavin Bohn, a junior at Perkins High School, has embarked on an Academy Experience, shadowing the professionals at NOMS Advanced Health Therapy each week. Located on Strub Road in Perkins Township, NOMS Advanced Health Therapy provides a wide range of physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to the adults and children. During his visits, Gavin observed patient assessments and the implementation of treatment plans. His interactions with physical therapist Matt Gundlach have been crucial to helping Gavin learn about the demands of this career.

"When you see the patient for the first time, you get to learn about them and what they have been through," Gavin explained. "You get to see the problems when they first come in for treatment. You put them through a series of tests and assess where they are at. You get to create a personalized treatment plan, as there isn’t a plan that everyone follows." 

In addition to clinical knowledge, Gavin appreciated the opportunities for networking.

"The experience allowed me to talk to others and learn what their perspective is on the field," he said. "It also allowed me to talk to others about other possible professions that I might be interested in."

The experience also reinforced classroom concepts for Gavin.

"From my University of Findlay CCP Medical Terminology course, I was able to remember a lot about the spine when it came to treatment," he said. "A woman had her spine fused together, and I was able to make the connection with what I had learned and was able to develop what the surgery was, as well as what I needed to be careful of if I had to treat her."

Overall, the hands-on glimpses have crystallized Gavin's career inclinations.

"This experience has opened my eyes to see what is out there so I would know what I would like to do when I am older and when I go to college I do not find out that I do not like this field and I have already spent a lot of money on going to college for something I do not like." 

For peers embarking on similar career explorations, Gavin suggested that they "be open to anything and do not judge it when you have only been there a couple of times. Give it time because things could change over time and you could end up liking it."

Immersive programs like Academy Experience available to Perkins High School enable students like Gavin to gain first-hand exposure to potential career paths, aligning long-term ambitions with practical job realities. This early clarity steers informed choices about majors and higher education, ensuring students select rewarding futures tailored to their unique skills and passions.

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